Company Policy: Tile Sales and Breakage

Policy Statement:

This policy governs all tile purchases made at Experior Tiles Inc. It establishes that all tile sales are considered final, and Experior Tiles Inc assumes no responsibility for any broken tiles, defects, or damages that may occur after the purchase.

1. Final Sale:

1.1 All tile sales are considered final. Once a tile purchase is made, it cannot be returned or exchanged for any reason, except as required by law.

1.2 Experior Tiles Inc does not provide refunds, credits, or store vouchers for any purchased tile, irrespective of the circumstances.

1.3 Customers are encouraged to inspect the tiles thoroughly before purchasing to ensure their satisfaction with the quality, color, size, and suitability for their intended purpose.

2. Inspections and Acceptance:

2.1 Customers are responsible for inspecting the tiles upon delivery or pickup before leaving the premises.

2.2 By accepting the tiles, the customer acknowledges that they have examined and accepted the tiles in their current condition.

2.3 Experior Tiles Inc will not be liable for any defects, breakages, or damages discovered after the customer has accepted the tiles.

3. Responsibility for Breakages:

3.1 Once the tiles have been accepted, Experior Tiles Inc assumes no responsibility for any breakages that occur during transport, installation, or subsequent handling.

3.2 The customer is responsible for ensuring the safe handling, transportation, and installation of the purchased tiles.

3.3 Experior Tiles Inc shall not be held liable for any costs or damages arising from broken tiles, including replacement costs, labor expenses, or any other associated expenses.

4. Exceptions:

4.1 This policy does not affect the customer’s legal rights regarding faulty or defective products under applicable consumer protection laws.

5. Notification:

5.1 This policy will be communicated to customers through signage displayed prominently at our store, on our website, and at the point of sale.

5.2 By completing a purchase at Experior Tiles Inc, the customer acknowledges they have read, understood, and agreed to this policy.

6. Policy Review:

6.1 This policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure its effectiveness and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

6.2 Any necessary updates or amendments to this policy will be communicated to customers in a timely manner.

By making a purchase at Experior Tiles Inc, customers acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agreed to comply with the terms and conditions outlined in this policy.

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